DIY: Three Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Spiral Organics coconut oil

Coconut oil is the bomb. It’s cheap, cheerful and smells like holidays.

Brand: There are loads of brands on the market. I’ve been using Spiral Organic Extra Virgin.

Price: Coconut oil can range between $6-$16. My 300 gm jar cost me $9.75 at my local health food store. Chemist Warehouse stocks the cheapest I’ve seen.

Why we love it: Spiral Organic is Australian owned and Australian certified organic.

Tips: Try to keep in a dry, cool place.

Coconut oil diy beauty treatments

1) As a face moisturiser

I need very gentle moisturisers on my super sensitive skin. My skin type is more prone to be dry/dehydrated. Oily-skinned people are probably best to avoid using this as a face moisturiser because it can be a bit greasy. It’s also best to only put it on at night. It smells great but will make your face pretty shiny. Or if you do put it on in the morning, rinse it off after at least 5 minutes and then pat dry. When I first got this I kept guiltily swiping some into my mouth before my face. Turns out it’s good to eat a few teaspoons a day (speeds up metabolism, eases digestion and reduces sugar cravings). Also, be wary of going out in the sun – you’ll need SPF. Overall, my skin is looking and feeling so much better and coconut oil is one of the cheapest moisturisers I’ve come across.

All this swimming with Ted is ruining my hair

All this swimming with Ted is ruining my hair

2) As a hair mask or detangler

I swim a lot in pools or the ocean. If I have time I whack some coconut oil on my hair afterwards for an hour. It helps get all those chlorine and salt water knots out. It also works as a hair mask and detangler. Best thing to do is warm it up in your hands first. Make sure you wash it all out properly though or you might end up resembling Neil from The Young Ones.

This little fella knows how good coconuts are

This little fella knows how good coconuts are

3) As a lip treatment

Lips feeling a little dry? Pop some coconut oil on them and wait 5-10 minutes before wiping it off with a damp face cloth. Watch out though: I think a swipe of honey across the lips is better and I also got a blackhead on my lip after using it in this way. And as everyone know lip blackheads are lethal. But if you have dry cracked lips and no honey around you can use this.

After some more info?

Body and Soul and Huffington Post  talk about its anti-ageing affects.

Have you ever used coconut oil as a beauty treatment? Tell us in the comments below.

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