Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara


Mascara is my beauty staple. Thanks to my blond lashes, I’d say it’s my number one make-up accessory. But boy can it cause a lot of grief. Especially because of my strict criteria, which is:

1) Must not run into my eyes.

2) Must be long-lasting.

3) Must have NO crumbly bits or create chunks on lashes.

4) Must be quick drying and not too smudgy.


Brand: Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara.

Colour: Black.


Price: $19.95 from Myer or Priceline. Or shop online.

Verdict (yay or nay): I’m really happy with this mascara and would definitely buy it again. It’s good value and lasts me all day. The only down side is that you have to wait a minute for it to dry otherwise you get those dark smudges on your outer eye – but that’s pretty standard. It doesn’t irritate my contact lenses either. Most importantly, the formula is light and means no crumbles or chunks sticking to your lashes. Yay!





What’s your favourite mascara? Tell us in the comments below. 

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