Mascara Smackdown


Ed’s note: A few months ago I was asked to recommend a mascara that would make eyelashes look really big. After contacting some lovely beauty companies they sent us a stack of mascaras to try. I enlisted the help of two sisters Chloe and Lily to see what they thought and most importantly, what was the most volumising. Here’s what they had to say:


Chloe’s Favourite

Brand/Product: Australis Multi Mega Lash in Black.

Price: $12.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or shop online.

Verdict: This is the most volumising of them all.  It makes my lashes look really full. It’s easy to apply and I like the packaging.


Lily’s Favourite

Brand/Product: Inika Mineral Mascara.

Price: $39 from selected retailers or shop online.

Verdict: The brush is very thick which made it hard to apply on lower lashes. But it is super volumising. This doesn’t have the nasty ingredients that most other mascaras have so it’s perfect for those with sensitive eyes.

Runners Up


Brand/Product: Australis Lash Length Extension.

Price: $11.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or shop online.

Verdict: Unfortunately it’s not very volumising. It defines the lashes but there is no thickness. I’d also prefer a thicker brush although it’s still very east to apply and gives length.


Brand/Product: Innoxa Lash Define in Brown.

Price: $19.95 from Priceline, Myer or shop online.

Verdict: The brush is uncomfortable. Also, it doesn’t make the eyelashes full but it does make them longer. It runs a lot when washing off.


Brand/Product: Lush Eyes Right.

Price: $19.90 from Lush stores or shop online.

Verdict: Like Inika, this is another great option if you are after a gentle mascara with natural ingredients that won’t irritate the eyes. However, due to the tiny brush it is awkward to apply and impossible to do lower lashes. It doesn’t make the eyelashes very full. One plus on the small packaging is that you can carry it around.

Australis Mega Lash Mascara

Brand/Product: Australis Mega Lash in Electric Blue.

Price: $11.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or shop online.

Verdict: Smudges on eyelid and I’m not keen on the colour but it is easy to apply.

Chloe and Lily

Ed’s note: Lily is a qualified make-up artist who trained with 3 Arts Make-up School in Sydney. She has a beautiful vintage-inspired tumblr called Love November Lily.

Chloe is also a genius in the kitchen. For some wicked recipes served up with rocking tunes, check out her blog The Honey Log.

For more mascara reviews you can read our reviews of Face of Australia Impact Full MascaraAustralis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara and Innoxa’s Perfect Lash Mascara.

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