Celebrating 2013 and Lush’s Limited-Edition Goodies

Lush goodies on the scarf they use as wrapping paper

Lush goodies on top of the scarf  that they use as wrapping paper

Happy New Year’s Eve. I don’t know where this month has gone. Or the year for that matter. And what a year it has been. The blog was launched, I fell pregnant, I discovered my love for so many wonderful cruelty-free brands and also dabbled in making my own beauty products.

I want to end 2013 by giving a shout out to all our lovely readers who supported the blog. You make it all worthwhile. So thank you. I also want to thank all the companies who supported our blog too. As a part-time writer who has to juggle caring for a toddler (while being pregnant), funds are tight. So thanks Australis, Innoxa, Natio, Sukin, Mode, Trilogy, Inika and Lush for sending us freebies and helping us to discover cruelty-free options and saving the bunnies 🙂


Lush in particular has done so much for us. But in general, Lush is a company with a big heart. Earlier this year they won the Australian business award for environmental sustainability. They are always finding ways to give to charity and are huge advocates for ending animal testing. I feel good about myself when I shop at Lush. So I guess it goes without saying, I was thrilled to be invited to the Lush Christmas blogger event earlier this month. I was also lucky enough to attend the the first one they threw in May and lemme tellya they’re a lot of fun. We cover a lot of Lush products on this blog because we love them so dearly. And now we’ve been given a stack of goodies that we can’t wait to test out.

Our first review is going to be up soon (hint: it contains tequila). But in the meantime here is a brief summary of some of the limited-edition goodies out for the festive season. A few are currently out of stock online so you better hurry into a store to grab these quick smart. Or cross your fingers they are out next Christmas.


Snow fairy shower gelponche shower gel and sikkim girls body lotion.



If anyone knows how to do a pampering bath it’s Lush. Choose from: secret santa bath ballistic, bombardino bath ballistic, candy mountain bubble bar, golden fun and shoot for the stars bath ballistic.


From left to right (anti-clockwise): secret santa, bombardino, candy mountain, golden fun, shoot for the stars 


Santa baby lip tint and santa’s lip scrub.



We were also given the chance to make our own cupcake fresh face mask. I even used some on my husband.



So wishing you all a safe and happy new year. I can’t wait to talk all things beauty with you in 2014. xo

My favourite Lush items are no drought dry shampoo, cosmetic lad moisturiser and rose jam shower gel. Please tell me your fave Lush products in the comments below because I’m always on the lookout for another great purchase. 

For more reviews on Lush products check out our posts on:


5 thoughts on “Celebrating 2013 and Lush’s Limited-Edition Goodies

  1. You’ve covered em all really. I just ordered “feeling younger” from Lush & looking forward to seeing results! Wanted to say again thanks for the blog, it’s a fun read & wonderful inspiration.

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